MJM Recording Studio

Lancashire based professional recording studio


Mixing console : Soundcraft Spirit Auto 32, this desk is in line offering 64 inputs and 40 outputs.

Recording : Pro Tools 11 and 10 system, also TDM mix 24 plus system with lots of great plugins, Logic Pro X, Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Quad with large library of UAD plugins.

2x Digidesign 888/24, Digidesign 003+ rack, Motu midi express XT.


Monitoring :Dynaudio BM15A monitors, Yamaha NS10m monitors, Furman signal router.

Microphones : A good selection of mics by;  AKG / Sennheiser / Audio Technica / Sure etc…(also the awesome mic modeler plugin)

Outboard : Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor, 2x TL Audio 5051 valve mic pre’s with eq sect, TL Audio 5001 quad valve preamp, FG72 dual mic pre (Neve 1073), Ampeg valve bass pre amp, Pod pro with floorboard, Akai S5000 with huge library of sounds.

Keyboards : The studio has an upright piano, Korg Triton, Cheetah 88 key weighted controller, Roland JD800, Moog Minimoog, Yamaha CS10, Jupiter 8-V, Yamaha CS80-V, Moog modular-V, Prophet V, Prophet VS,  Prophet Pro 53, ARP 2600 V, Oberheim SEM V, Mini V, Wurlitzer V,  Access Virus, Ivory (grand piano collection), Spark vintage (30 classic drum machines) plus lots more.

Guitars : Fender Telecaster custom,  Squire Jazz bass, Martin D28 acoustic, Ibanez 12 string.